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How to Manage your Call Centre Staff Remotely

Due to Covid-19 the call centre world has faced a massive shift to remote work but how do you manage your call centre staff remotely? This year brought many a challenge for any workplace, which resulted in a large increase in those working from home. Here are a few tips on how to effectively handle remote agents.

Trust Staff Working Remotely Okay, I know this is a cliché term when it comes management, but it's true! Trust is one of the biggest factors in any relationship. So, it's only fitting that it would be a deal breaker when working with remote staff. It's not just to do with trusting employees to manage their time effectively. It's also about the trust an employee has in their manager. Having a strong trust in one another is essential when agents are working remotely. Supporting Your Call Centre Staff Remotely It is essential that your agents have a reliable support system. As an agent, there is nothing more frustrating than reaching out for help to an unresponsive manager. This can easily result in an unhappy customer on the other end of the phone. Make sure you are always contactable by your agents during their shift. Just knowing help is available can be enough to reassure any hesitant agent. It can ease the transition to remote working. Checking In With Remote Workers Make it a habit to check in on your agents. Working remotely can be lonely when you are used to the hectic atmosphere of working in a call centre. Reach out and see if there is anything you can do improve morale. Perhaps get creative and think of competitions or remote team building exercises to boost spirits? It’s so important to remind agents that they are not on their own. Using Tech to Manage your Call Centre Staff Remotely Make the most of today's technology. There are tons of communication services out there that make remote work a lot less stressful. Workforce messaging services like Slack, make it easy and quick to contact agents directly or relay information to the team. Use Zoom meetings to host team meetings, giving it a more in-house feel. There is so many different services available - the list is endless. All in all, managing remote call centre work might not be easy but it is fast becoming the new norm. As Stephen Hawking once said, "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." If you want to achieve better results from your remote workers or more information on the services we provide, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us on +353 1 9029290 or email

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