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Do you go abroad a lot?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If your like me and you live near the border with Northern Ireland and you spend quite a lot of time in the UK mobile coverage it can be very frustrating worrying about what network you are on to receive or make calls.   Even to the point of having to think if your Facebook is automatically downloading updates whilst you unwittingly drive around thinking its a beautiful day only to be presented a few weeks later with a bill that potentially could run into hundreds of euros/pounds.  This is the voice of experience talking by the way!

For the last number of years I have been using mobile service, which I have to say is really terrific, at home you have unlimited data and pretty much unlimited calls and texts but the real advantage of this service is that you can use any network that three has coverage in (UK, France, USA, Hong Kong – to name a few) and use your normal package there also.  This means when I am on holidays I can still check my email, watch youtube, read my newspapers, receive and send calls without a worry in the world.  You will know what I mean if you have ever been caught roaming in the US!

One of the silly things about the service though is that if your partner has a 3UK mobile and you have a 3 Ireland mobile you can’t call each other in package – so for the time being I have to carry two phones!  It is actually cheaper to call a South African mobile then 10 miles down the road across the border.

Thanks for reading this blog if you got to the end and if you are thinking about moving mobile supplier or have been stung in the past with bills that outrageously high due to roaming – keep this in mind.  I will be creating blog every week or so mainly with regards to Technology, Contact Centre / Call Centre topics and pretty much anything that I find interesting but I promise it will be quite entertaining.

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