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What are the Qualities of a Good Call Centre Agent?

Having the right staff is one of the most important aspects of any good call centre. But what are the top qualities and skills we look for in a good call centre agent?

Whether its market research or charity fundraising we always match the skills required with the right call centre agent. But we’ve also spent time defining the top qualities we look for. Here are some of the top ones which make a real difference, in our experience.

Effective Communication Skills of a Good Call Centre Agent

The nature of this job demands good communication skills. We love a good talker, but communication isn’t just about being able to chat. The right agent can find a good balance between knowing when to talk and knowing when to listen.

If an agent is only interested in making a spiel, they are not engaging in real 2-way communication at all. This is not what forming a rapport with respondents or donors is about. They need to hear what each caller is telling them too, or they won’t be aware of their needs.

Call Centre Agent’s Ability to Handle Pressure

With a fast-paced environment, we look out for agents who can remain calm in any situation. Some days they may faces a frustrated caller in one moment and a barrage of questions the next. So, we look for agents who can seamlessly move from one call to the next.

Keeping their cool and not letting these calls get to them personally is key. This is the kind of professionalism we value on our team.


It’s important that a good call centre agent is confident in their abilities and in the project they are working on. This confidence is essential in putting callers at ease in any situation.

Confidence is something we can work with, and this comes with experience and the right training. If an agent has the right support and information available to them, then they will feel more confident. This, in turn, will come across to the caller on the phone.

A Good Call Centre Agent is a Team Player

With target driven contracts and various deadlines, we look for agents who can really work as part of a team. Being able to look to your teammates for support and help is vital in call centres. Your teammates can help, for example, with advice and tips from more experienced agents. Sometimes, you just need a friendly face to help you through the day. Being a team player will get you far.

Top Results from a Top Team

If you have a good team then the results will speak for themselves. Our team of agents produce the following top results:

They raise an average of €22m in recurring donations alone every year for our Charity clients

They helped make us the Number 1 Contact Centre in Ireland for Market Research

Last year they conducted over 24,000 Consumer studies, and over 18,000 Business studies and

They signed up over 20,000 regular givers to various charities as well as working on various other contracts.

If you want to achieve these results with your campaign or if you think you may have the qualities, we are looking for then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us on +353 1 9029290 or email

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